Fitness First Heavy Duty Weight Lifting Hook

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Whether you’re trying to increase your max on a deadlift, take the strain off an annoying injury, or better engage and isolate back’ll feel an immediate difference using Fitness First Heavy Duty Pro Weight Lifting Hook. Designed to combine comfort and practicality, our hook fit perfectly around standard barbells, dumbbells and machine attachments. Made of solid steel with a non-slip coating, the hooks are attached using a cushioned wrist support, durable stitching, high quality fabrics and industrial strength Velcro. Sold in pairs.

  • Weightlifting hooks allow you to increase your reps overnight, so you can train harder and longer
  • The cuff is made of high quality fabric, padded for comfort and adjustable for the perfect fit
  • Extra wide hook works on most bars
  • Premium hook coating increases grab on bar
  • Neoprene cuff cushions wrist