Boxing Gloves

Boxing Gloves


Boxing gloves evolved from a series of different-sized padded arm devices that were used by various fighters in early history. In boxing, gloves help fighters to achieve more control over their limbs and avoid being injured. Boxing gloves can be either made of cotton or foam, with leather padding added for extra comfort. Although it used to be a common practice for male boxers to use a concealed weapon such as a thumb tamer, these days many fighters prefer to use lightweight hand and wrist protectors called "Mitts & Fists" to decrease their chances of being injured during a match.

Boxing gloves have evolved over time, from the plain-jawed, string-less foam boxes that they were first made out of to the padded, cushioned gloves we use today. When mixed martial arts first began, the use of boxing gloves was minimal, but as popularity increased, fighters began to use MMA gloves, which provided them with additional padding for their hands and forearms. Today, most MMA matches use "custom fit" MMA gloves as fighters often custom design their own pair of MMA gloves.

Though there are several different styles of boxing gloves available, the two most common types of gloves a boxer will compete in will be: Softball and Bag Gloves. Softball gloves are used in amateur and professional boxing matches, and are oftentimes made of soft foam to reduce the amount of bruising a boxer may endure during a match. A typical softball pair of boxing gloves will include a liner and elastic wrist and elbow supports, padding, and elastic waistbands.

Bag Gloves

Bag gloves, on the other hand, are much smaller and more streamlined than softball pairs. They are made out of heavy-duty canvas, and are much less likely to tear than their softball counterparts. A typical pair of training gloves will include an extra piece of padding, usually located around the belly and/or groin area to ensure protection from a potential groin strike by an opponent. Training gloves, unlike softball gloves, will include the padding necessary to protect the boxer's fingers and forearms in case he or she is struck. Most training gloves will also include a liner to provide extra protection against falls. Training gloves are much smaller than regular boxing gloves, so they are not typically worn in competition.

In addition to being the smaller, lighter version of a full-sized pair of boxing gloves, they are also often much less expensive than their full-size counterparts. In fact, many amateur boxers prefer to use training gloves instead of full-size ones, since training gloves can offer them a number of benefits that full-size boxing gloves cannot. For one, training gloves allow boxers to work in a range of environments that full-size boxing gloves cannot, which allows them to improve their boxing techniques in different environments. Many amateur boxers also choose to use training gloves when they first begin learning to punch because they allow boxers to punch without the risk of damaging their face or other parts of their body. For these reasons, training gloves have become extremely popular among amateur and professional boxers alike.

Muay Thai Gloves

Muay Thai boxing gloves, on the other hand, are much larger and heavier than training gloves, and are used primarily for training. However, Muay Thai gloves do include padding in the groin area and biceps area, as well as a liner for extra protection against falls. A muay thai glove will usually include two to four individual gloves, which serve different purposes. There are usually three gloves when it comes to muay thai gloves, and there may even be a number of gloves designated for each fighter in a match.

In general, it would seem that boxers should always use training gloves whenever they intend to punch, since a training glove is the most effective way to protect the most sensitive areas of the body. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. If a boxer is planning to punch solely with his hands, he does not need a pair of MMA or Muay Thai boxing gloves, since he could hurt his fists on the floor. In order to maximize his striking power, however, he would ever find a pair of MMA or Muay Thai gloves that had the fibrous nature. Having the fibrous nature in a pair of MMA or Muay Thai gloves would allow the boxer to increase his punching power and make it more effective.

In most cases, when a boxer is punching someone, he will be striking both hands at the same time. This leaves the hands prone to being injured if they hit the ground. Even though there is a higher chance of injury when striking with two hands at once, boxers have been known to sustain facial injuries and other injuries when striking with just one hand. Since Muay Thai and MMA fighters are expected to defend themselves using their elbows, fingers, and knees as well, having the right kind of padding in their gloves would definitely be beneficial to them. A pair of MMA or Muay Thai boxing gloves with a hard foam backing could provide the right level of padding for these fighters, especially since they usually alternate their punches.