Punching Bags


The term heavy bag or punching bag is used to describe a very large piece of training equipment, a common leather bag (either genuine or synthetic) full of padding, which serves a good purpose for punching. The resistance of the bag depends on the weight of the bag filled with sand or other material, as well as the quantity (and type) of the padding. Originally reserved for boxers or MMA fighters, these classic and functional equipment are extremely useful in conventional gymnastics, and prove that they offer high-quality boxing training to those who use them.

Our sturdy punching bags will add value to your training center or home gym. These punching bags are an essential tool for anyone who wants to improve their boxing skills. Our boxing bags can withstand years of punishment and hard work. We are very confident that we offer a guarantee of individual health.

Our punching bags have different varieties of sizes and styles. Take a traditional heavy bag to work with basic boxing skills, or buy an uppercut bag to build a destructive uppercut. We have different types of punching bags like  the teardrop, speed, double strap speed, Mexican-style double-ended and bag stands that can accommodate everyone.


Free Standing Bag

Free Standing Bag solves the matter of making an attempt to make a decision about which kinds of heavy-duty punching bag, because it is the most versatile, flexible and has become the foremost in style for the gym or private home use. The bag itself is a heavy bag for punching, but it is placed on sand or foundation filled with water. As they are not permanently fixed, the free-standing bag can be removed from the way when not in use, which means that at home it can be removed from the gym cabinet and stored safely out of the way when not in use. 

Angled Heavy Bag

The heavy angled bag offers a wider upper than the bottom, which allows for the introduction of uppercut punches in a combination of punches and allows for much shorter right and left hook punches. The bag continues to provide the user with more complex footwork as they prepare punches and kicks towards the upper and lower parts of the bag.

Uppercut / Wall bag

Another special bag is a wall-mounted uppercut style. It is specially designed for the use of lightweight punches and quick uppercut combinations. Having a wall installed does not take up much space, and it does not change when it is punched. Because it does not move, it is not intended for rapid or unusual exercise. It is important to attach the fists properly and wear the appropriate gloves with any bag.

Speed Bag

The speed bag could be a vogue that just about everybody has seen, it is a small round ball used to improve your hand speed in boxing and fighting training. A small ball is designed to hang from the ceiling, which requires the boxer to use a perfect fist style that improves muscle memory and speed. Exercising with a quick bag also improves eye contact, as it is not as easy to proceed as can be seen when you look at someone who has been trained to use it and saw for themselves how to bounce. It’s the same exercise with the arms as the jump rope provides the legs, as the boxer can’t just stop when he starts to get tired without stopping the whole process and starting down again.

Double End Bag

The double­-end bag is additionally sort of a speed bag however it has a second strap to the lowest that prevents it from bumping too much. Such a feature allows the boxer to incorporate a combination of real boxing and footwork, as they are able to rotate the bag to use different angles as they rotate in a more controlled manner. Mexico’s double-end style bag uses two balls, forming an eight-figure, providing multiple contact points so the trainer can hit high places to exercise.

Reflex Ball Bag

The reflex ball bag is additionally sort of a speed bag, except that it is mounted on a flexible pole on the ground stand. The movement is therefore slightly different but offers the same basic function of training eye-hand interaction and faster rhythmic punches. The great advantage is that the piece moves easily, either in the gym where it may be needed in a variety of places or at home where it can be stored and taken out for use when needed. The reflex ball is very fun to use, and it enhances lightning with the quick punches against every movement it makes behind the last punch.